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Glover World

Glover world is one of Singapore’s leading Logistics Solutions and services providers. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions and supply chain management services to our customers.

Glover world is committed to serving customers by offering complete transportation services to our customers.

Glover world is an integrated team that provides its customers with exceptional services and continuously works towards improving its exceptional services.

Our blend of owned vehicles, innovative solutions, enables us to supply our customers with reliable and cost-effective solutions.



Our Mission

To redefine the rules of, and set new operational norms for the Singapore transport industry.

Our Vision

We aim to deliver value through quality service.

Our Values

Glover world is guided by the following principles in serving our customers:

  • Integrity: We strive conduct all we do on behalf of Glover world with respect.
  • Customer Service: We try to build relationships that can make a positive difference.
  • Work safely: We work in such a way that it should be safe for our selves as well as the people around us.

Freight Services

Sea Freight Services

We help you ship heavy cargo or heavy goods across the ocean.

Our Sea Freight Services include:

  • - Transport and Marine Insurance
  • - Letter of credit processing
  • - Conventional shipments (break-bulk, dry & liquid bulk)


Air Freight Services

We play a leading role in Singapore's air cargo space, particularly in time-sensitive shipments. Our air freight services can meet most time transit needs, from urgent deliveries to more regular domestic air freight shipments.

Our Air Freight services include:

  • - Hazardous Cargo
  • - Live Stock Cargo
  • - Auto and Automotive Part
  • - Fashion & Luxury Goods

Customers and Testimonials

Glover world has a diverse client base from various market segments. We forge long-term relationships with all our customers to ensure that we understand their business models to improve our quality service.

Great company and excellent services. I would never suggest any other company for logistic services.


Their account management is excellent. Their people are the highlight.


The team is amazing. They make the work done in the easiest way they can I am happy working with glover world.

Lucy Davies